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Browse our collection of previous webinars with insights from the ancient yoga wisdom, presented by yoga master Balakhilya. Watch this video for a brief introduction to Balakhilya, also called 'Happy Man'.

A Conversation with a Modern Yogi

January 22, 2021

He has been living the Yoga lifestyle for over 50 years now. An inspiration for health and vitality, at 77 years of age he is mountain biking, skiing, and doing 40km hikes in one day.

He is living to serve others, sharing the ancient yoga wisdom to people all around the world. 

Who is the man behind the knowledge he shares?
What’s his story?

I sat down with Balakhilya das. This is what he told me.

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Make a Real Change
in 2021

January 3, 2021

You’ve done whatever you’ve done this year. Maybe it wasn’t as perfect as you had hoped. So maybe you decide to make a new year’s resolution - to make a real change in 2021.

It might be a new diet, changing the people you associate with, getting more fit, changing your mindset, or taking up a spiritual journey. 

But how do you make that a reality - a reality that lasts?
And what is real change that will satisfy you in the long run?

Who was Jesus?
Insights from a Yogi

December 20, 2020

He is probably the most known person in the world. We hear a lot about his birth and death, but little about his life and what he actually taught.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a religious person — this lecture is for you. It will surprise you, and give you a whole new perspective on Christmas, Jesus and life.

Some say he was a Christian, others that he was a yogi. Some claim he was God, others that he was a lover of God. And some even see his life as mere fairy tales. So who was Jesus, and why did he come here? And why is it relevant to me? What can he teach us in today's modern world?

From the most ancient science — Vedic scholar and yoga master Balakhilya shares a new perspective on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

An Ideal Society: Is It Possible?

November 29, 2020

An ideal society; is it possible? Racial discrimination, religious fanaticism, domestic violence etc.

Is there a system of organizing society that creates harmony instead of increased conflict? Can we build a society where everyone is happy? 

There exists a most ancient and time-tested recipe for achieving a good, prosperous and harmonious society for all, which could work just as well in our world today.

Hear yoga master Balakhilya speak on how we can create an ideal society where everyone is able to experience true spiritual happiness. Balakhilya has lived and taught Bhakti-yoga lifestyle for over 50 years, passing on the authentic spiritual teachings of the Vedas.

Questions & Answers with Balakhilya

November 15, 2020

Life is not always easy. We all face hardships as we go through life, small and big. Maybe it's your boss trying to manipulate you. Maybe someone who triggers your anger and frustration. Maybe you feel lonely and lost, and you wonder what you can do about it.

Or perhaps you are thinking about the deeper questions of life - who am I, and what am I doing here? What's the truth?

Join us on Sunday and get a whole new perspective on life's challenges. We have invited lecturer and meditation teacher Balakhilya to answer your questions, thoughts and challenges. Balakhilya has lived and taught a Bhakti-yoga lifestyle for over 50 years, based on an authentic spiritual practice.

10 Guidelines for Successful and Happy Relationships

We all need to love, and be loved in return. But in our relationships to others, we often experience frustration, bitterness and hurt.

Would you like to uncover the secret to successful and happy relationships with your friends, family and partner?

Join in as yoga wisdom expert Balakhilya presents 10 life-essential guidelines to infuse your relationships with love, tolerance and mutual respect.

Balakhilya speaks from the the ancient science of yoga, praised by philosophers since time immemorial for its clarity, depth and unique perspective on the challenges of life. Join in for a new and refreshing perspective on how to become 'a better you' - for your own benefit, and for the benefit of your loved ones.

Be a Force for Good

In the world today there appears to be a great lack of real love and compassion. We are wrecking havoc on the planet we live on and stirring up conflicts based on race, faith, sexual orientation, cultural background and so on.

And even in our personal lives, we often experience how our relationships turn into a competition of who can get the most from the other. It’s not about what we can give, but about what we can get.

Still, many of us have an internal motivation or desire; “I want to do good, I want to help other people, I want to make a difference in the world”. But we may not know how. What is the true understanding of what is "good"? And how can we do real good to other people, the planet, and ourselves?

Join us as we present this three-part series of live streaming 30-minute broadcasts. Hear yoga master Balakhilya explain the personal steps we can take to make a positive contribution to those around us and the world we live in.

  • Day 1: Find Happiness and Meaning Through Helping Others
    It has been said that “You will never find a truly happy and self-centered person. They simply don’t exist.” Why does it make us happy to serve others?
  • Day 2: What Is the Highest Good I Can Do?
    Different motives for charitable activities; what is worth doing and what is potentially harmful?
  • Day 3: Both Wisdom & Love are Needed to be a Force for Good
    How can I act in a way which will truly make a positive change both for me and the world? How are wisdom and love connected and necessary?

Yoga Sound Sunday

Tune in, listen, relax.
Yoga Sound Sunday is a time for immersing ourselves in yoga sounds, or mantras, that have the potency to remove feelings of anxiety and stress.
Yoga master Balakhilya invites us to learn and experience two simple meditation techniques with yoga sounds.
    1) Gauranga Pranayama - Deeply relaxing breathing techniques
    2) Kirtan - Soothing and enlivening music meditation

Balakhilya is a renowned meditation teacher with over 50 years of experience with Bhakti-yoga. Balakhilya is travelling all over the world (now virtually) to share insights from the ancient yoga wisdom.

True Self-development

In our society and personal lives we often experience specific expectations on how we should live our lives, coming from our parents, friends, and not least social media. Following the recipe of success put forward to us, we may make so-called ‘progress’, but are we really experiencing true self-development? And we actually becoming happier?

Even if we try to create our own path forward in life, it may be very hard to know what we intuitively want deep inside. Are my desires coming from my mind, heart or from others? And how can we can actually progress towards inner peace, satisfaction, respect for others, compassion and selflessness?

Learn how to experience true self-development through three consequtive 30-minute talks by Vedic scholar and expert in yoga wisdom, Balakhilya das.

  • Day 1: Following the Trends of Society; Does it Help Me as an Individual?
    In our lives we often either get on a paved path, or try to make our own. But it may not lead to the inner peace we seek. Why is this?
  • Day 2: Who is Pulling my Strings? Discovering the Cause of My Actions
    What forces causes me to act in a specific way? Are my desires coming from my mind, heart or someone else?
  • Day 3: The Path Forward - True Progress & Self-development
    How can we progress towards inner peace, satisfaction, respect for others, compassion and selflessness?

The 3 Psychological Influences that Shape our Lives

What is it that shapes the way we live our lives? 
How can we get free from negative influences and only influence others in a good way?

Throughout our lives we have been influenced by our upbringing and different cultures, people, belief systems, social norms, even our own physical or mental preconditions, and so on. 

Take a moment to reflect on..
Where did you get your values from? Why do you have certain goals in life and why are they important to you? Why do you act towards others in the way you do? 

These influences can be so strong and deep-seated that they seem impossible to change. 

Join this webinar to learn how we can actually change our life and behavior on the deepest level. Learn how we can get free from all negative influences and instead come under the influence of true wisdom and love. 

Hear world-renowned speaker and yoga wisdom expert Balakhilya speak on
'The 3 Psychological Influences that Shape our Lives'.

Spiritual Life: Many Paths
- What is the Goal?

Does all spiritual paths lead to the same place?
Is there a final goal and perfection of spiritual life?

We have all come upon various paths, philosophies, processes and belief systems that aim to bring spiritual growth. When one begins to take an interest in spiritual life, it can be difficult to get a comprehensive picture of all the different spiritual or religious paths one can choose from: Buddhism, Kundalini yoga, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Bhakti yoga, just to name a few.

Depending on their heart’s desire, people choose different paths that give different results. For many people, spiritual life is only associated with hatha yoga and vegetarian food for a healthy body and mind. For others, it's all about being a force for good by helping other people, society and nature. Others seek liberation from all suffering in nirvana or salvation. Still others seek the absolute truth by studying who we really are, the meaning of life, and where true happiness can be found. Some are meditating on their own existence in the heart, and others are seeking a way to God.

Join this webinar to get an overview of the map of the most recognised spiritual processes and understand where they are all heading. Vedic scholar Balakhilya will help you understand what the highest goal in spiritual life is, and what value it can bring to you.

Too Much to Bear: Understanding Suicide

Have you ever contemplated suicide, or know of someone who has?

Deep inside we may be feeling lonely and empty. We've tried everything we could to be happy, and failed. On the outside, our life may look perfect - but on the inside we may feel as if nothing we do really touches the core of our heart. We may feel a profound sense of purposelessness in our life. We may have lost someone who was very dear to us. A grief beyond words; feeling separated from the rest of the world, misunderstood and without any hope, we may start to ask ourselves, “Why should I carry on? What more is there to live for?”. The burden becomes too much to bear. 

Suicide is a problem on the rise. Every 4th second one person on this planet tries to end their life. Many of us have experienced directly how painful this reality is. There is nothing more devastating than feeling so overwhelmed that suicide seems to be the only option, and there is no pain like the pain of having a loved one leave us in this way.

As a society, we’ve yet to find a successful solution to this increasing problem. Is it possible that we've missed an essential part of where true happiness is to be found?

In this webinar, we will ask what it is, at the deepest level, that drives a person to the point of suicide, and we will explore what the real purpose of life actually is. Vedic scholar Balakhilya will share the perspective of the wisdom of yoga on the subject. This ancient science is more relevant than ever in today’s modern world of external and internal chaos and confusion.

Am I Good Enough?
The Real Meaning
of Self-esteem

Do you feel dissatisfied when you compare your life to the lives of others? Social media feeds are famously full of the shiny pictures of other people’s perfect lives, perfect happiness and perfect friends... It’s easy to feel like we are never really good enough, and to get overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, uncertainty and self-doubt.

What can the ancient wisdom of yoga teach us about the personal steps we can take to find genuine, lasting self-esteem and confidence? 
Hear world-renowned speaker and yoga master Balakhilya speak on
the real meaning of confidence and self-esteem.

Yoga: Navigate Life's Journey

Are you unsure if you're on the right path in life?
Are you lacking motivation and sometimes wondering about the deeper purpose of life?

There are times in our lives when it feels like we are walking through thick mud and everything is a hardship, while at other times life is like walking across flowery meadows where the sun is warm and the breeze refreshing. So what does life’s journey have to do with yoga? After all isn’t yoga just a type of physical exercise? Absolutely not! Yoga is a lifestyle that helps one successfully navigate the path of life itself.

Join an enlightening webinar by renowned speaker, Balakhilya. He travels all over the world to share insights from the wisdom of yoga.

Forgiveness: a Decision to Grow

Forgiveness is a decision. We can choose to forgive, or we can choose to hold on to hurt feelings, and let them sit in our hearts like thorns. It may be something that happened a long time ago, or something small that just happened today. But we still hold on to it.

By forgiving, do I have to accept the act that was done towards me? Do I have to be friends with the person who hurt me? NoSo how can I let go of the burden? What does it actually mean to forgive, and why should I care to know?

Join a webinar with essential lessons for life, with world-renowned yoga master and Vedic scholar Balakhilya.

The Lost Art of Happiness

Regardless of who we are and what we believe in, we all strive for it, but it so often slips through our fingers. It's what we want the most, yet the hardest to find. What is true happiness? What am I really looking for? 

Join a free webinar with 'Happy Man', yoga master Balakhilya. Balakhilya is one of the leading proponents of Vedic and yoga philosophy, dedicated to sharing ancient wisdom with anyone who is ready for a change.

Overcome Anger & Frustration:
Is It Possible?

Have you ever experienced frustration in relation to others or the world around you? Do you sometimes feel trapped in feelings of anger? 

Holding on to hurt feelings and resentment ultimately harms ourselves more than anyone else. So how can we find the strength and clarity of vision to overcome anger or frustration? Through spiritual wisdom and practice, we can develop empathy for others, gain greater control over our emotions, and experience an inner peace we perhaps didn't know existed. Welcome to another enlightening lecture by international speaker and yoga master Balakhilya.

In the Eye of the Storm:
The Yoga Perspective on Disease & Fear

The world as we know is constantly changing. Uncertain times may cause fear, loneliness, and unease in many people - but you are not powerless. Through ancient yoga wisdom, you can learn to master life's challenges with confidence and inner calm.

Hear international speaker and yoga master Balakhilya speak on 'In the Eye of the Storm: The Yoga Perspective on Disease & Fear'. Do something good for those you care about and invite them for a lecture with new perspectives.

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